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About Us

About Chatham BuildingThis is all of us living on Cape Cod.
CB&D offers unique ways of creating living homes.We are an environmentally conscious design and building company serving all of the cape and Islands.
Nature cannot speak out at construction sites. We take this in high consideration and feel for Cape Cod’s habitats. We look at homes as a living space designed from the heart. With the desire to create with the homeowner in mind, we listen and build for you.

Our company’s ability to change with the times proves our commitment to timeless designs.
With Wentworth Institute graduates and architectural designers we have the highest abilities to design for all your needs. “ You have to have felt it in order to build it.” Jeff Nelson’s 34 years of building experience shines clearly with his smooth ways of handling all aspects of building.

We have the highest qualities of ethics and standards toward building with nature in mind. Many of our contractors and employees have been creating with us for decades. Our staff is a happy-go-lucky, productive team willing to grow with every project.

CB&D is unique and diversified having the ability to have our own inhouse cabinet shop.
Our restoration and renovations bring back the feelings of olde Cape Cod with our competence to recreate using our large collections of molding and sharper heads. Our experienced carpenters will create either by today’s modern machinery or by skilled hands. With this ability we can make your new homes feel like timeless reproductions. Remember the feeling of living with natural choices.

Building our first house in Chatham in 1975 we have seen many changes in town and adapt to our changing times. Now we are offering green ways of living. Seeing homes stay alive with wood and recycle choices we can keep spaces feeling real.
Today our standards and ethics are strongly tied in with sustainable and green construction.
Our environment is calling for more natural ways of living.
CB&D has learned over the years that being a one-stop-shop makes it more comfortable for the homeowner to go from design to building.
It makes it an easy process for you that we join together and create in all aspects of home ownership.


From concept to completion we are with you every step of the way.
Come join our team for an enjoyable and creative experience.